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Mind, body, and soul events or wellbeing events are all the rage right now. But what exactly is a wellbeing event?

They are popular because they combine the best of all worlds:

Mind: You get to learn something new, be inspired by other people’s experiences, and make new friends.

Body: You get to try new things that you might not have tried before, or revisit old favourites.

Soul: You get to connect with yourself in a way that feels meaningful.

There are three types of mind-body-soul events being offered around the country: wellness or wellbeing days / weekends, retreats, and workshops. Each type of event offers something unique to attendees.

Wellbeing days include things like stall holders selling their holistic products (such as crystals, or herbal teas for example) and therapists offering taster sessions of treatments. They could have workshops or talks from people in the industry.

There are wellbeing weekends too. They tend to be more social than other kinds of events because they take place over 2 days in a single location. For example, a wellbeing weekend might have a series of lectures about nutrition during the day, before ending with a guided meditation session in the evening.

Retreats offer more time for introspection than most other types of events because they usually take place over a longer period of time—usually between 3 days and one week long—and in an isolated location. Retreats often involve periods of silence during which participants focus on their inner self rather than interacting with others; this can be a challenging experience but can also be very rewarding, and good for the soul.

Workshops: usually you pay a small fee and try something to see if you would want to commit to it. Such as a meditation class, or a sound therapy class or belly dancing class etc. Not all workshops charge, some are free.