What is “Hygge?”

What is Hygge?
What is Hygge?

Hygge typically pronounced HU-GA or “HI-GA” is a Danish word, that has no direct translation. But the concept of hygge is about creating a sense of comfort and well-being, regardless of the season. It’s about recognizing the importance of slowing down, taking a breath, and enjoying the moments in life that bring us happiness or our motto which is “enjoyment of the good things in life” 

Danish people are said to be the happiest people on the planet, even though they only have up to 4 hours of sunlight in the Winter times. Why? Because they look after their mental health and well-being. 

Here’s some tips to creating a hygge lifestyle: 

Create a cozy space: A hygge home is warm, welcoming, and cozy. Lighting is an important factor in creating a hygge atmosphere, so consider using softer lighting like candles, fairy lights, or lamps with warm light bulbs. Add soft blankets and comfortable pillows to your spaces to make it more inviting.

Spend quality time with loved ones: For hygge to truly flourish, it’s essential to spend quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s enjoying a meal or simply sitting together and chatting, spending time with those we love can bring immense joy and happiness into our lives.

Engage in simple pleasures: Hygge is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Take a walk in nature, read a good book, drink a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, or simply take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Pamper yourself – go book that spa day or pamper session. You deserve it! Find a therapist that works for you! 

Experience the seasons: Part of enjoying hygge is embracing the changing seasons. Whether it’s going sledding in the winter, picking fresh berries in the summer, or admiring the colors of fall, finding joy in the seasons can help bring a sense of balance and peace into our lives.