Benefits Of Well-being Events

Benefits of wellbeing events - crystals
Benefits of wellbeing events - crystals

Wellbeing events are becoming widely popular. But what are they? Why are they so popular? 

This article is written by us at Hygge Directory, and we have tried to source as much information as possible to share with you. 

As a human being, we all crave connection. When Corona Virus hit and we were all told that we had to stay inside it caused a lot of mixed emotions. After talking to many people, the main emotion that we all felt was “fear”. Fear that we wouldn’t be able to spend time with our families, fear that we or our loved ones might get sick or even worse, “what if we never see them again?” 

Many of us became obsessed with doing Covid tests to ensure that if we were looking after people, we were in the clear. Around this time many people discovered video calls. Mainly so people could work from home, so the likes of Zoom and Microsoft teams made a massive difference in peoples lives. I know personally that I wouldn’t be able to do my job from home if I didn’t have Zoom. 

Then after what seemed like a lifetime we were told that we could spend Christmas with our loved ones. But why was it so important to spend Christmas time with our loved ones? Connection. 

No matter how you connect with people, if its singing at the top of your lungs to your favourite artist in concert, going to church every Sunday and singing hymns and saying prayers or going to a well-being event and seeing like minded people. These ALL have a positive effect on your well being. it has been said that it may reduce depression, anxiety, loneliness, promote happiness. Basically its good for us! 

So why not go over to our events page now, and see what’s happening near you. 

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Workshops & Demonstrations 

Some well-being events offer workshops and demos. this could be a new product, it could be a therapy that they offer. Usually these workshops can cost a small fee such as £5-£10, and could last up to an hour or so. check with the event organiser as they will be able to tell you more details. 


At some well-being events there are treatments being offered. These are usually taster sessions, and will be offered at a reduced rate to the normal price of a treatment. Sometimes if you're not sure if you would benefit from a full treatment they're a good idea to try it out.  Also, some therapists may offer full treatments, so just ask.


Sometimes there may be people up on stage or in an area giving talks. these could be success stories, they could be inspirational talks. usually if there is an information booklet / leaflet it will tell you more info. 


Many well-being events have stalls with people selling various items. Sometimes it can be handmade / homemade items. Crafted items, crystals, books, jewellery, clothes, gifts etc.  Some stall holders will put sales on for these events, so you could pick up a bargain.